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Hello World!!!
My name is Adnan Resa Fahroni, i am 20 year old and now inspired by my mother who pregnant. I will share everything about pregnancy and parenting. Im already writing for a lot of topic since 3 years ago and this time pregnancy spend my attention.  Pregnancy is an advanture for some people and it is also become a heavy journey for every super mother. Any question related with pregnancy and parenting will be posted to this blog daily if you leave your comment and i will try to responsed it quickly.

Every content that i shareon this blog  is not only from my own knowledge and experience. Some of the articles gathered from many source and i summary it with my own style. But sometimes i also posted other person's articles and i will show and linked back to the source especially to authors page or blog.

For the future i hope my articles, my tips, post and every single story that i will share will be usefull for you.

If you need some help, question, curious thing or something that i can give the answer i will share with you. So leave your comment if you need important review or send me an email to adnanresa30@gmail.com.

I think that's all and what i would say, Hello World? This is me and my story!!!!!

Best Regard

Adnan Resa Fahroni

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