Reduce Terrible Headaches During Pregnancy On Third Trimester

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My wife often complains of headache that she feels recently. It is not easy to cure it because pregnant women are not allowed to take medicine without the advice from a doctor although it’s only a headache remedy.
headaches during pregnancy third trimester

The Cause of Headaches During Pregnancy

Don’t be carelessly to take headache medication if you are pregnant. Headaches during pregnancy can be recovered without any treatment. Headache is a common disruption during pregnancy. Could be as a result of hormonal changes, stress of life, fatigue, muscle tension on the neck, sore eyes, toothache, stomach hunger, infection, heat, sinusistis, catastrophic neurologic disorders (such as brain tumors, brain hemorrhage, or meningitis) or the early symptoms of preeclampsia or eclampsia.

In early pregnancy stages, mother's blood stream is trying to compensate for blood circulation which suddenly rises with the growth of the fetus. As a result, mother’s head become throbbing. In the second trimester of pregnancy, enlarged of uterus will compress the blood vessels, so mother feel hurt on her head.
There’s also a headache that occurs because low blood sugar levels due the stomach is not filled for long hours, hot temperature, or because a sudden standing (postural hypertension or elevated blood pressure due to changes in body position).

headaches during early pregnancy
Headaches during pregnancy third trimester occurs due to hormonal changes in the mother's body. Hormonal changes will exacerbate some chronic diseases such as maternal sinus headaches.
At the time pregnancy body changes from the physiologically, anatomically, and systematic. Body of work also will be increase. These changes can cause headaches during pregnancy. Example Case, changes in the mouth. Due to hormonal changes, there is hypersalivation (desire spit constantly). This situation will make the gums and teeth become problematic. As I mention above that tooth ache, it can trigger a headache, right?
In addition, there are changes that happen in the gastrointestinal tract which also can cause headaches during early pregnancy.

At the time of pregnancy, the body produces a number of progesterone and estrogen which likely to loosen all the smooth muscle tissue throughout the body, including the digestive tract. As a result, sometimes the food is slowing move in digestive system, making her stomach feel so uncomfortable. And at the end this inconvenience will rise to a headache.
This situation will be continued until the third trimester of pregnancy. Moreover, if the third trimester appears sign of preeclampsia, headaches during pregnancy third trimester and headaches during second trimester will increase.

Type of Headache during Pregnancy

Headaches can be divided into two types; throbbing headache and a sore head and just feels heavy. What makes the pulsing vein or artery is following the heart rate. Pulsation can be felt in all parts of the head, from the forehead, temples, or back.

Head feels heavy and sore, especially on the back of neck. Stiffness caused by muscle tension from stress. Not surprisingly, right, tensions often arise in the afternoon, when the muscles feel tired.
Overcoming headaches without medication for pregnant women

Antisipation When Headaches Coming during Pregnant

First of all, you must be in a sitting position. This method not only help reduce pain (due to the flow of blood to the head so much smoother), but also prevent you from falling. After that, headache treated according to the cause.

     When you are in a stuffy, seek immediate fresh air. Perhaps, you do not get dizzy because sufficient oxygen.

     If you do not eat for 2-3 hours, quickly consume snacks, such as biscuits. This method will quickly raise your blood sugar levels.
     Drink water or juice. Less fluid also triggers headaches during pregnancy.
headaches during pregnancy third trimesterIf you would change your body position, do it slowly. For example, if you want to stand up from a lying position, try to sit down, then stand slowly.

Drink water. The headaches are often triggered by dehydration. When you sweat and lose a lot of fluids accompanied by intense headache, drink water immediately. Sit down for a while, then drink water slowly. Do not do a lot of movement until the headaches disappear

Inhale slowly, close your eyes. Closed the eyes is an effective way to relieve muscle tension that causes eye pain. - Pour a cup of black tea. Add a squeeze of lemon juice. While it still warm, drink slowly. It is useful to relieve your headache away.

Eat hot soup. After that, try sleeping in a quiet or poorly lit.

Soaking in warm water also can cure your headaches.

 Compress the head. Take a soft cloth or small towel, then wet with cold water temperature. Then, paste in the head and neck.
When women feel terrible headaches, usually the doctor will do blood pressure checks to check for preeclampsia chance. First aid performed with rest, massage head, cool head with water, binding the head, or, or changing sleeping position. 
Pregnant women no need to worry that headache would interfere with her ​​pregnancy. "Unless headache caused by preeclampsia or anemia. Hypertension when dropped once or anemia, mother should see the doctor immediately. Usually they will be given drugs to raise their blood pressure. Due blood tension associated with fetal oxygenation to the brain.

The first act when low blood pressure can be done by lying to normalize blood flow. When the blood pressure is high, mothers also will be asked for a lot of rest and given antihypertensive drugs. That is, given a drug that does not cause aggregation flatelet; breakdown of red blood beads that can make so preeclampsia.

Headache pain is said to be dangerous to the intensity, did not go away though it was eating painkillers head and eyes blurred. Then there is something else that is not due to diseases of pregnancy. Could be there is something in her brain, for example, arise bleeding in the brain. On this situation, mother would be sent to a neurologist for further treatment.

So Mom, do not take lightly. The key, she already knew, plenty of rest and consult with your doctor to obtain painkillers recommended.

7 Responses to "Reduce Terrible Headaches During Pregnancy On Third Trimester"

Eric said...

Sometimes, we ignore going to a doctor to have a thorough check up, and start popping in the pain killers. This negligence can harm a person in the longer run, because you never know that you might be suffering from some major health issue that causes pain. Therefore, you need to be careful regarding your health and seek the help of a qualified doctor for diagnosing the cause of pain and discomfort.

Adnan Resa Fahroni said...

Thanks eric for your comment.

yes it's right eric. i often meet my neighbour who pregnant and experience a terrible headaches during their pregnancy. and it often happen on their trimester. sometimes they said they were too busy to meet their doctor and take some pain killer for their headaches. they drink it without medical advice. sometime it's too much i think . and what happen next is their headaches are not better. they feel better only for an hour after take the pain killer. but after that the headaches come again. then they drink it again and over again. pain killer is not a good choice especially for pregnant woman because pain killer may trigger some major health issue. pain killer may also decrease baby's immune system

williamsmarkseo said...

I have being researching about headaches treatment and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful.

what is physical therapy said...

My wife has headaches during pregnancy. I think massage is best treatment for her. She can get relief through it. I am going to contact my family massage therapist.

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