Hello Dads Around The World!!! Keep Safe of Your Baby, 6 Important Things When Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

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 Newborn baby crying sounds came out from your wife’s room in the hospital and I know this sound make your heart beat much faster than ever before in your life. Congratulation dude!! Youbecome dad now!! Don’t give me that stupid face. Now you become a father of your baby.  Being a new parent would be a great experience in your life. Moreover this is your first time to become a dad. Well, to give care for your newborn baby you have to be extra careful to keep their body and health. Taking care of a newborn baby is not a easy because they were very weak and vulnerable. There are some very important things that you need to give much attention than the other factors. As a father at least you know about the basic thing for newborn baby care.

Here are 6 things which included in newborn baby care checklist and newborn baby care tips for all fathers around the world. 

1.       Newborn baby are very susceptible to infection.

The baby who still very young are very vulnerable to infections because their immunity system have not developed completely. Newborn baby infection may come from peoples around them. Therefore, before you touch or taking care of your newborn baby make sure your hand with soap or hand sanitizer.

2.       Newborn baby weak.

Newborn baby are weak creatures and they have brittle backbone because their marrow bones still not developed. Therefore, be careful when you hold newborn baby and hold their head or neck. How to hold newborn baby in correct ways? Hold the newborn baby's head well when going to pick up or put newborn baby to sleep on the mattress.
waking up the baby

3.       Don’t ever shake or shook Newborn baby to wake them up.

If you want to waking up newborn baby never shook their body. Shook the newborn baby for any purpose or even for joking is not permitted because it may trigger bleeding on their head can be a fatal condition.

4.       Make sure your baby placed safe inside the car.

When you bring your baby on a travel by car make sure your baby placed safe in the car seat. Wherever you placed your newborn baby make sure they not feel over shake. Over shake from the bump to the care may cause some serious injury.
5.       Don’t ever throw your baby into the air

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We often see some parent throw their baby to the air for playing purpose. Maybe the baby will laugh but what you need to know, it may cause some injuries to their body. So, how to play with newborn baby? Don’t ever play something that can be rough for your baby except your baby is already old enough on their age. The tips are to avoid any chance for fatal injuries such as bleeding.

6.       Share with expert parents
Take care of newborn baby need extra attention and skills. If you’re not expert of this talk with your friends or your mother who have much experience to help you care of newborn baby. Your doctor also can be the best source where you can find complete information to care your newborn baby.
Well, I think that’s all basics thing that you should now about taking care of your newborn baby. After read this article I hope you’ll be better to taking care of your baby and keep them safe.
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what is physical therapy said...

Great suggestions! Yes we should not throw our babies into the air because it can be harmful for them and hold the newborn baby’s head well when going to pick up.