Dehydration During Pregnancy Can Triggers Various Health Problems Such as Brain Disorder?

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Very hot today and I’m feel so thirsty because the weather. This is hot weather in my country and everybody looks very uncomfortable with it. I think it’s not a good time to go out because the hot air may make your body become dehydrate. And it’s also not a good weather for pregnant woman outside. Dehydrate pregnant woman may trigger by the weather or climate around them. But the most usual cost is because their own activity. 

As we know, dehydrate is the condition when we lack of liquid inside the body.
Related with dehydrate during pregnancy, morning sickness orvomiting during pregnancy are usual symptoms for woman on their early pregnancy. But you must know that the symptoms may cause dehydration for pregnant woman which can trigger another complication.

avoid dehydration while pregnant
On the list below we will give you some information related with 3 health risk which caused by dehydration during pregnancy.

Dehydration Caused Preterm Labor
A study which participates by more than 81,000 pregnant women revealed that severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can trigger severe dehydration during pregnancy. This condition may cause several interfere to pregnant woman and 23% of participant have much chance to experience preterm labor before 34 weeks.
The fact that related with the preterm labor risk, dehydration in pregnant woman lead some factors such malnutrition and low eight gain during early pregnancy. 

Dehydration during pregnancy Lead the psychological disorders to the baby
According to a study from 2011, baby who born from mother’s with severe dehydration during their pregnancy 3.5 time more likely have obstacle on their behavior and emotional development such as anxiety, depression and bipolar obstacle compared with baby who was born from mother’s who keep their condition to stay hydrated.

Brain disorders in Newborn Baby
A 25 years old pregnant woman from India have developed a rare brain disorder called Wernicke's encephalopathy after for more than 3 months she experience continuous vomiting which trigger severe dehydration during pregnancy and weight loss.

pregnant woman dehydrate
According to the news from local newspaper, the pregnant woman experience band sight and unbalance body when she walk. After she doing some test, revealed some consistent change on her brains.
Wernicke's encephalopathy is caused by lack of vitamins B1 where the vitamins feel so confused and have some problem with their body control or even their eyesight. This disorder often occurs the alcoholics mother but it doesn’t close the possibility this disorder can be found to the people who have some problem to absorbing their food.

To avoid the disorder during pregnancy, pregnant woman should meet their body water’s need. If normally most of people only need 8 glasses each day, pregnant woman need to drink up to 2.4 liter of water everyday. If they were started to breast feeding they need for more than 3 liters of water each day.

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