Announcement: The Impact of Danger Symptoms During Pregnancy

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danger condition during pregnancy

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INERIS and the University of Picardie Jules Verne has prepared to joint in a research team named Peritox to do some research related with environmental factors for the health of pregnant women, baby and infants. Together with this team included some researcher from national center application programming in toxicology and ecotoxicology.

In the end of this research they will be held a presentation about “prenatal and toxic risk to pregnancy” in October this year in Paris.

On this presentation, Pr VĂ©ronique BACH a professional medical profession from Medicine faculty of Picardie Jules Verne will showed the unity and the result of this study.

Will be explained from the firs result of the study:

The impact and how digestive affect to arsenic poisoned in pregnancy by Karine, an engineer team of INERIS.

The location effects of nitrous oxide on bronchial responsiveness to pregnant woman. Especially in the case of allergic inflammation due to asthma in pregnancy.

Pesticide Exposure on the mother’s utero.

The role of electromagnetic field in sleep disorders and metabolism for pregnant woman and newborn baby.
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