Undercover Risk and Danger behind Teen Pregnancy - You Should Know About This

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Ideally, getting pregnant and give a birth happen to a woman who ‘old enough’ and already married. But in fact, world is not always become an ideal place with this statement. Caused by word know as ‘the accident’ a lot of teenagers around the world force to get married and have a baby.

The effect for pregnant teen, they will get many pressures from their environment. Not finished yet the problem will be spread wider. Pregnant when teen before marry is not a little problem. Both of the problems will bring some traumatic effect to the teen pregnant in terms of medical and psychological.

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So, the big question why teenage pregnancy continues to increase year by year?

Looking at the socio-cultural, in traditional villages in every country, generally parents who have a daughter wanted to marry their daughter as soon as possible. In addition, with better development in biological especially due nutrition improvement and the stimulation of the reproductive organs it will rises any chance for the next step. There is a tendency teen will get menstruation earlier. '' In the last 20 years the average age of menarche (first menstruation) is have been increase two years earlier, for example, recently teenager will started their first menarche at 15, but now 12-year-olds little girl had experienced menarche.''
Nowadays, teenagers tend to have longer fertile period compared to previous years. This fact related with arousal problems in both men and women. As a result, for teen whose can not stem their reproductive desires, they will force to have a baby even they were not ready.

Furthermore, teen pregnancy will trigger some labor risk to the mother and their baby. Women who become pregnant on their teen age tend to have heavy anemia (lack of blood). This is because even before pregnancy, teenagers (about 40-50 percent) had anemia. And just so you know, pregnant women with anemia, his health will suffer. It is because before pregnancy, about 40-50% of teenager has already got an anemia. And as we all know, pregnant with anemia will caused any disorder to the health condition. As an example, their appetite gets heavier than before pregnancy teen and their physical condition become weak. Another risk, on the maternity process teen pregnancy will have more chance to get severe bleeding than general pregnant woman. So did the baby’s condition may will born premature and have low weight.

In the medical profession, preterm labor and baby’s with low weight may caused by severe bleeding with pregnant teenagers when they were give birth. In general information related with this issue, post partum hemorrhage (shortly after birth) had a big role to maternal death cases. The bleeding risk when give a birth also happen to the pregnant teen. 

Another problem that arises due pregnancy outside a marriage is teenager tends to do abortion to avoid every kind of trouble. And we all know abortion is not a wise and safe solution. Data from a research shows, the contribution of abortion on maternal mortality is more than 13 percent.
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Abortion in teen pregnancy has many bad impacts. If they done it with curettage and they were not carefully, it could damage the cervix. And this might the teenager can not to getting pregnant because of the cervix (neck of the womb) kept open so that she would easily have a miscarriage.

 If you have some story related with pregnant teen, is it your family or someone share here and may be we can help her. 

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