How to Avoid and Reduce Skin Disorder In Postpartum

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Most of mother around the world ever experience skin disorder or diseases in postpartum. . The increasing number of hormone levels in pregnant women may cause the skin disorder after pregnant.
The decreasing hormone levels toward normal, skin disorders can be arise since pregnancy and continues until postnatal and by the time the skin disorder will gradually disappear.

Some examples of skin disorders after delivery are stretch marks after pregnant, postpartum acne, skin discoloration, and hair loss. Stretch marks are elongated appearance of scratches on the abdomen and breasts. This disorder occurs because the skin of pregnant women was stretched. While the appearance of acne, due to hormonal stimulation of the sweat glands.
 Related with the changes on skin are usually experienced by 50-70% of pregnant women. Skin changes such as pigmentation usually occur on the cheeks, forehead, nipples, breast, axillary fold, the genital area, and the center of the abdomen extends from the chest into pubic area.
For pregnant women and mothers who are experiencing postpartum skin disorders, there are several ways that can be done to avoid this problem. In addition using the cream / lotion specifically for abdominal skin, sunscreen may also reduce pigmentation problem.

Another advice, avoid sitting or standing in a long duration when the legs tend to swell. Perform cleaning and skin care is also needed, to avoid it you can do a bath with warm water and use a soft soap. Beside that, keep in mind don’t scratch the itchy part to excess because it can leave scars. Complaints of severe skin disorders, especially coupled nausea and vomiting, you should immediately consult your doctor to get more accurate advice.

You ever experience skins disorder after give a birth?  Share here and talk to the mother around the world. Happy pregnancy moms!!!

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