Natural Method to Reduce Anxiety and Stress during Early Pregnancy (Better Tried Before Take a Drug)

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You can’t sleep well in the night during your early pregnancy?

Most of pregnant woman of course ever experience too much anxiety which make their sleep disturbed. It can be you already got light stress symptoms during early pregnancy. Anxiety and stress because a problem or something happen on your daily activities such disturbed your sleep time may trigger health problem to your body and your baby. Avoid your anxiety and overcome every reason which makes you stress so it’s not getting worse and cause depression while pregnant

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In some case anxiety and stress during pregnancy can be reduced by drink tranquilizers or anti-depressants. But it would be better if you can deal with your pregnancy stress and anxiety by natural method to avoid additional effect of pregnancy anxiety to your baby. As we know previously anxiety and stress may cause some bad effect to your baby. Reduce stress while pregnant with natural method also keep your baby from long-termeffect of consuming drugs.

A common question from panic mother, ” how to reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy?

The list below will show you some natural method to reduce anxiety and stress while pregnant.

Take a bath with warm water while pregnant
Warm bath is one of the most effective natural methods to reduce pregnancy stress and anxiety. Your human sense will be appease where it make your body relax. To get another benefit of warm bath during pregnancy add lavender oil or lavender flower into the tube and soak with it until you feel much better.
As well known lavender flower or lavender oil is has been used since 2000 years ago to reduce any pressure in the nerves. If you don’t have enough time to soak with warm water just apply some lavender oil into your temples and your forehead. Then sit in a comfort sofa for few minutes until you feel your anxiety decrease. Bath with warm water to avoid pregnancy stress effect to your baby, why not?.

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Breath practice while pregnant
Anxiety and stress will fade away by a regulate breathing. Take a deep breath in sit position then put one hand on you stomach. Inhale slowly, feel your stomach expands under your hand, but remember to keep your shoulder down.
Hold your breath for 4 to 5 seconds then exhale slowly. Repeat this method until you calm.

Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages while experience pregnancy stress
Of course alcohol and caffeine during early pregnancy it’s very not recommended. Caffeine when pregnant may bring some bad effect to your baby. Limit the portion of your daily caffeine consumption. Avoid coffee, tea or the worse soft drink and diet cola. According to a studies anxiety and stress symptoms while pregnant will be more sensitive if there’s any beverage contains caffeine enter the body.

Aerobic exercise and yoga while pregnant
Another method of pregnancy stress relief which very effective when you experience pregnancy stress symptoms are aerobics and yoga.
Aerobic and yoga while pregnant is one of the best anxiety reliever during pregnancy. Try to take a walk about 30 minutes to stimulate your endorphins level. Endorphin is a chemical material which used to avoid he pain and improve your mood. Just like chocolate do when you eat it.

Meditation during pregnancy for your anxiety
Meditation can be done by reading an inspiring book, gardening, sit in front of a small water fall, or even observing every movement of the fish in aquarium. It is included in the meditation activities which you need to do around 15 minutes in a few times each day to get rid of excessive anxiety while pregnant.
By focusing your attention on these activities, you will be free from the thoughts that create your pregnant anxiety.

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Consuming vitamin B when stress while pregnant
If you are hit by anxiety, try to take a B-complex multivitamin every day. Studies show that the body needs vitamin B6 to make serotonin, lack of this hormone may contribute to cause anxiety.
 That’s all some natural tips and method to reduce your anxiety and stress during your early pregnancy. Better avoid any drugs except your doctor suggest it to you and you already talk to them. But I think it’s better decision to choose natural method than drugs because however drugs always have long-terms effect to your body. 

Do you have another natural method to reduce and avoid anxiety or stress during pregnancy? Share here and we loved to know about it. More knowledge means better pregnancy and healthy baby right?   Hello World!!!Hello pregnant women around the world!!!!Happy pregnant mother!!!

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