7 Traumatic Effect Received by Pregnant Teen (It may become worse in some country)

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What’s your opinion if you heard or even saw a 15 years old teen girl pregnant walking in front of you without her husband or her boyfriend. I bet in some country or state getting pregnant at teen is not a strange or weird thing because it’s not going taboo anymore. But have you ever heard that most of countries in Asia, pregnant teenager still become an embarrassing condition for pregnant teen and her family.

Every pressure from people around her makes their life being worse. They never asked about this condition but what happen to her is what she made before.

Teenagers who can’t control relationship with their friend or group have bigger chance to getting teen pregnancy. Teen pregnant on their age is not ready in terms of physically and mentally to getting pregnant. As a result getting pregnant during teen might cause some traumatic effect on their whole life.
The traumatic effect is not only haunted during pregnancy or after give a birth. The nightmare will start to haunt them in their whole life. Therefore the role of family is very necessary to control and monitor every step that she takes and every people that she knows to keep on a healthy society.
To find out more I will share some traumatic case and effect of pregnant teen below.

Lose the opportunity to get a job
A teenager who has pregnant when they were on school might lose opportunity to continue their study to college. Usually pregnant teenager will be excluded from their school if the school knows she already pregnant.
According to result from a study, only 40% of pregnant teen who give a birth before 18 years old successfully graduated from their high school. Most of teen pregnant who give a birth when they were on high school decide to get married before their labor.

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Pregnant Teenager Might Get Excluded from the social environment
Pregnant teen will be excluded from their society because their neighbors will make her condition as hot topic. It will cause a psychological problems which make the pregnant teenager closed herself to anybody. Sometime worse they wouldn’t talk to anyone.

Pregnant Teenager and Emotional Disturbance
Pregnant teen must take care of the baby by herself at that age. She is too young to handle everything by herself. This situation may cause emotional disturbance and mood swing. Instability emotional due pressure from people around her will destroy her emotional control and make her become irritability.

Unstable Psychologically
Psychologically effect may often as the increases of hormones after pregnancy. In some cases the problem developed to a postpartum syndrome. Postpartum syndrome in pregnant teen can last for a view day or week after give a labor.
It’s often become the reason why mother who still teenager will ignore their baby. The ill effects of maternal unstable psychological is the inhibition of the development on children's education. In some cases, depression can last for years.

Pressure after give a birth in pregnant teen
After she give birth, most of teenage mother will experience greater pressure as the desire to care for her baby as the other motherswho are older.

But it is very difficult for women in a very young age like them because most of teenage mothers lack of experience and maturity of mind.

Psychological disorders in children’s development
Conditions where the teen is already pregnant will give a great influence on the psychological development of their children in the future. It usually occurs in children who do not get enough care and attention because young parents are not ready to raise a child.

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Behavioral Tendencies
The negative effects of pregnancy in adolescents not only after the child born and grow like the other children. Mothers who have given birth at an early age might have a tendency of behavior as an adult which considered unacceptable by the social environment.
This may be the worst effects of teen pregnancy, because children also tend to have the same behavior as her mother. Children may be involved in criminal activity or will become pregnant in their teens like her mother.

How the good manners for pregnant teen? Maybe they were bad in point of view on their neighborhood. But I suppose we don’t too judgmental them because it is very outrageous. They already got big burden and the pressure from us will make it worse. As an older person, we have to keep and care for our children properly so that no bad things happen like teenage pregnancy.

How about your neighborhood? How they receive and treat a pregnant teen? Share here

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