Best Age for Pregnant and Healthiest Age for Pregnancy, Viewed from Medical Profession’s Point of View

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My neighbor asked my wife this morning about how is the best age for first pregnancy. And I hear most of the answer that people said is between 20 – 30 years old. The question made me curious and a hours later I was on the front of my computer tor get some of knowledge related with best age to get pregnant.

After a few minutes I find a lot question on the internet that talk about the same thing. Here some question which asked on Yahoo answer:

·             Is that any information related with best age for pregnant?
·         Need more information about best age for getting pregnant
·         When and what the healthiest age for pregnancy especially for women with 1 toddler?
·         Is it true that 23 years old is the best age to have a baby? 

That’s some of the question from women around the world. Of course as mentioned on the internet and yahoo answer. So, once again is it any best age for a woman to become pregnant?
40 years old first pregnancy

On this post I would like to help you to find the useful information related with best age for pregnant.
A major study from Royal College combined all the data and result from various sources to brings us the method and information to maximize the chance to get pregnant for every age.

From their report we can see that childbearing age for women is 29,3 years old universally. In ’70 the average age to get pregnant was 23.

The study revealed that the number of woman who became pregnant at 40 years old has increase in the last 15 years. More than 20,000 babies were born from mother over 40 years old.

Related with this report, many doctors said that lifestyle between the women affect their fertility. Doctors also added Secure Age for pregnant or childbearing are between 20 to 35 years old. Depend on the mother’s health condition. But women with age over 30 6 times have chance to experience pregnant problem than women who 10 years younger.

Women over 35 years old likely take longer more than a year to getting pregnant than women with age under 25 years old who need shorter time to be pregnant on their best age. A lot of trusted sources also added women at 30 and 40 years old get more chance to experience any pregnancy problems such as pre-eclampsia on best age pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and caesarean maternity on their age.

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This study also showed interesting chart related with men and their conception. Mane fertility also decreases together with the increase of age. Men at 40 years old need longer time that men at 25 years old to make their partner become pregnant on their best age pregnancy.

Clear facts on fertility need to be made available to women of all ages to remind them that the most secure age for childbearing remains 20-35.

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There are some reasons why women choose to later their pregnancy. Focus on their career, financial problems and find the best partner for her. But what we should know, women must given a lot of information for pregnancy on their late age. They also should know what the problem that will be appear on the mother with older age.

This is the jobs for every person around women and medical profession to give more information about pregnancy and fertility. But we should realize not every single women get the right position or even condition to get pregnant under 35 years old.
Women with older age, often have much risk when they get pregnant than the younger women.

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