Flu and Pregnancy Risk, This Could Be Very Dangerous?

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flu in pregnant women
It’s a silent rainy night here, my girlfriend was on a train going home from her sister’s house. And as usual I just sit down in front of my computer check for news update from Gaza. I don’t why but lately I often search news about Gaza and Israel. I think my humanity soul burn up when read articles about them. Just forget it. And hey welcome to flu season. The flu season come to my country these months. The flu season caused by the displacement of rainy season to dry season or we usually called transition season. What you need to know, my country is only has 2 seasons each year because we have tropics climate here. Maybe someday you would come to my country and experience our tropical climate. 

Flu season affect everyone regardless of age or gender. Include pregnant women around my neighborhood. This morning I was cleaning the yard when a neighbor who also pregnant got a flu. I asked to her have you see the doctor? She said no because she thought it was just a common cold. . I said it was not common flu when you're pregnant, visit your doctor soon.

So, why I forced my neighbor who getting the flu while pregnant to see her doctor soon?

flu symptoms while pregnant
If you are during pregnancy today, there are many chances to get flu when pregnant. For most of pregnant women, pregnancy reduces their immunity systems against virus and fever when pregnant. Because this reason women who pregnant have much risk to having the flu when pregnant when virus attack their immunity systems.

The symptoms of flu in pregnant women included usual signs such as fever, terrible headaches during pregnancy, nausea, stuffy nose, diarrhe, vomiting and disorders of the digestive system. Pregnant women may not experience all of the systems to have the flu in pregnant women. An important advice, if you fells pregnant high fever it’s important to visit your doctor soon to treat the fever. High fever during pregnancy can make your baby overheated. It can be a very dangerous situation for you and your baby.

Always consult with your doctor before you take any medical treatment. Some of medical drugs is safe for women when flu during pregnant and some of them is not safe. In general medical treatment, Tylenol is safe for women who get flu when pregnant

If you running pregnant high fever and it were not down, hurry to call your doctor soon. Pregnant high fever may cause dehydration syndrome which make your baby on the very dangerous conditions. If everything became worse, call the ambulance. Women getting fever and flu during pregnancy have bigger change for risk of complications problems as the example is pneumonia. Faster you improve and treated, less risk and dangerous condition for your baby.

flu during early pregnancy

There are some advices for you to make you feel better if you get mild flu when pregnant. Sleep with your head in higher place than your neck. For most of pregnant women this method can make them feel much better and improve their rest quality. Enough rest is very important for every pregnant women even they were not get a flu during pregnancy.

flu during pregnancy and autism
Sometime I found my friend’s wife not feel like to eat something when they get flu when pregnant. But you should remember that stay hydrated is important thing. Drink up to 8 glasses of water to prevent dehydration.

After all, the best thing that you should do to face with flu season is prevent any chance to get flu while pregnant. Stay away and keep your distance from people who are flu when you are in the crowds. Always wash your hand as often as possible because washing the hand can help you to avoid germs and virus spread. Doctor at the hospital near my house also said to do flu shot for pregnant women on his hospital. Always consult and talk to your doctor if flu shot is needed for you and your baby.

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