Scientists Developed Accurate Preterm birth test to Prevent The Risk of Premature Birth

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Researchers have developed a method as a test for preterm labor to predict preterm birth based on a combination of blood tests and ultrasound examination to determine cervical length.

Statistically, the premature labor test can predict preterm labor signs with an accuracy rate for about 75 - 80 percent.

Preterm labor definition is when the baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy, and this is the biggest problem that usually experienced by medical profession today. Mother and baby both of them have chance for risk of developing serious complications in the short or long term.

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The new premature birth test was developed after the researchers examined 142 pregnant women in the period of 1995 to 2005. They were able predict whether women who experience early contractions will get preterm labor within seven days after the contraction time.

The benefit of this preterm birth test is to help the medics become much ready to give their extra maximum care for your maternity.

However this preterm labor test fetal fibronectin is still not fully implemented in the medical world. Researchers were still need to do further research to clarify and maximize the used of preterm birth test.

In the future we hope that this premature birth test will be followed by another type of medical treatment to prevent any preterm labor signs and preterm maternity problems.
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