Obese Woman and The Health Risks of Obesity During Pregnancy

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overweight during pregnancy
Have you ever seen an obese woman who is pregnant? Surely we often see them around us. Yes, sometimes we feel that pregnancy and obesity is something that should be separated. Seeing pbese pregnant woman made them difficult to activities smoothly.

This afternoon my wife asked me to buy some groceries at the supermarket. After walk around in the supermarket I saw obese pregnant woman who trying to take the bread on the bottom shelf. She looked a little trouble due to excess her obese pregnancy.

Then I helped her to get thing that she want. As I walked to the cashier without any purpose I asked to her about the health risks of obese pregnancy. She said her doctor give she and advice to dieting during pregnancy. But it was hard to do because she already obese before getting pregnant.

But for the sake of her health and her baby she currently follow program to losing weight during early pregnancy. I think it's a very good idea because it was good for her health condition and her baby especially for her health before pregnant or her health after maternity. After paying our groceries I offered her to visit my home. Maybe my wife can give some suggestions for exercising while pregnant so she had to get healthy weight gain during pregnancy.
obesity pregnant

When I got home I talk to my wife about what happened when I was shopping. My wife said that over weights during pregnancy is not good, but lack of weight it would be worse. When you are not pregnant deficiency or excess weight is not good for your body, especially when you are in pregnancy.

So, how to control overweight during pregnancy? Then my wife answered with some opening explanation about obese woman and pregnancy.

Obese women should keep the healthy weight gain during pregnancy to reduce the risk obesity and pregnancy complications. It's important not to keep your weight over gain during pregnancy with more attention to proper diet.

exercising while pregnantObese women can limit their weight gain during pregnancy without harm to the baby and herself. Most of health experts suggest that the ideal weight for obese women is only increase up to 5 to 9 pounds during pregnancy.

In women who have overweight, weight loss will ideally grow up to 7 to 11 pounds. In women who have a healthy weight before pregnancy, ideal weight for pregnant women will increase up to 11 to 15 pounds during pregnancy.

The doctors also said that obese woman should reduce their weight during pregnancy, for their own health and to reduce the risk of obesity and pregnancy complications.Obese women have a bigger chance for risks of being obese and pregnant complications, including those associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high birth weight infants who require a cesarean in the birth process. Some research shows that when obese women maintain weight or lose a little weight during pregnancy, it will not interfere with the growth of the fetus, but it can also reduce the risk of high birth weight in infants.

obese pregnancy risks
But what must be remembered, we shouldn’t have a strict diet during pregnancy, because they may be deprived of essential nutrients needed by thebaby. Doctors recommend that pregnant obese women need to pay more attention to their diet, healthy food received counseling from a doctor, and filling food diary to track their calories.

So being overweight or underweight during pregnancy is not recommended thing. Keep watch on your diet and nutrition for your baby. Keeping the weight does not mean crash diet excess. Maintaining body weight exercises you can do with a few movements for pregnant women. A short walk in the morning can help to keep you ideal weight and health pregnancy.

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