What Food to Avoid During Pregnancy? Dangerous food for Pregnant Woman Around Us

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food to avoid during pregnancy
Food or nutrition is important factor which build a healthy pregnancy. With food contains high enough nutrition and vitamins it will affect pregnant woman during pregnancy.
To decide the good menus and food to avoid during pregnancy most of mommy asks what to avoid when pregnant? What food which allowed and what food to avoid when pregnant. There are various food and drink which better avoided during pregnant because it can lead dangerous infections such as salmonella, toksoplasmosis, listeria, Ecoli. The dangerous infection and virus are very dangerous for your baby. So you can read below food list to avoid during pregnancy:
Do not eat raw meat (sushi). Or undercooked meat

 Toxoplasmosis mostly found in vegetables that are not washed properly, therefore wash the vegetables well, especially for salads or vegetables that eaten raw

  • Avoid to eats chickens and eggs which undercook.
  • Tuna steak, sea bass fish, shark, or king-sized fish are known that they contain high levels of mercury which can cause nerve damage if eaten in large quantities.
  • Do not drink beverages containing high alcohol because it can cause developmental abnormalities in the fetus as well as emotional problems in infants.
  •  Drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, teas avoid pregnant, should be avoided or restricted because coffee can affect the baby's low weight, miscarriage and it can also reduce the absorption of iron.

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Anonymous said...

Most people know about mild yeast infection but don’t understand that they are not just a problem which women get. While the most common type of prevent yeast infections is a vaginal one, they are not the only kind.

Dipti said...

Choosing the perfect for pregnant women is very important to deliver a healthy baby...so choose the
Food for Pregnant Women careful..

Maureen Muoneke said...

Pregnant women have a tendency to continue hungry, that is the purpose a snack. The important thing is to choose a healthy snack. Ideally, snacks are fruits or vegetables, such as oranges, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Maureen Muoneke MD