Whats Signs of Pregnancy? And She Asked Me Again With That Question

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Whats Signs of Pregnancy? She run to me and asked that unusual question for a girl on her age. This morning I saw my niece chat with my wife on my room while I was still busy with all my jobs in front of computer. I don’t even know what they talking about before but a simple question from her “Whats Signs of Pregnancy?” With my single eye brow up I said, just ask your aunt and don’t ask too much right. “But you make she was like that now” she said. And then my mind is still turning around for a minute to digest her word.

So that’s a unusual question for her age right? But I thin on this modern life, child is no longer being stranger with sex, pregnancy or something like that. Her question gave me an inspiration to make this post. In this article I will share and tell about simple pregnancy signs which can be detected from a little changes from her body. 

The question that I almost always meet from my experience is, “when you first become pregnant what happens? That question may come from a teenage or even a little girl likes my niece.

The question is may be reflect some awareness or worried if it comes from a teenager. And it also can be a question which full of curious if it comes from a little girl. 

So what is the most simple ways to find that you pregnant?

Here comes the method.

Early signs of pregnancybelow become a common parameter to indicate that sperm and egg cell are had met so it happen the moment of conception in the womb.

stomach sick pregnant

Late Menstruation Period

if your periods are usually scheduled on time and this month it was late, you should be happy because it could indicate that you are pregnant.
Menstruation in the biological sciences has defines as the blood extravasation from womb
because the egg is not fertilized. The late of menstrual period caused by the egg is no longer produced because conception has occurred.

Severe nausea

You feel sick on your stomach? Nausea always makes you want to vomit. It makes thus sign is the most easy pregnancy symptoms to be seen. If your menstruation period is late and sustained nausea, maybe you will have a baby. This pregnant signs are often used as a description of the movie when women actor pregnant. So don’t be confused if you see a movie and then the actor woman vomiting. After it was predictable that the actor would have a baby with undescribe moments.

pregnant love sour
Pregnant Women Love Sour Taste
Pregnant women will love the food with a sour taste more than before. This is a natural process and usually accompanied by a pregnancy.

Breast and Belly Changes
Breast and abdomen will change before pregnancy. Your breasts will be bigger and your nipples will be brown. Abdominal enlargement also happen and in some case occur skin cracks around your belly.

Considering to getting pregnant calendar
May it will help you to plan and prepare your pregnancy. But what you should know, pregnancy is not always comes by a purpose. Always consult with your husband and doctor is the best way to get pregnant on the perfect time.

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