Pregnant Symptoms Detection for Nervous Husband, Good Luck Dude

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pregnant symptoms
Morning Sick, Pregnant?
This day I go to doctor with my wife for regular check. Just checking that my baby still in her belly. Of course not only that, doctor also gave some advice for me to change my lifestyle. He told me leave the cigarette and coffee for a next couple week. And I said, ok no problem I also try to quit smoke. Maybe it’s a good and perfect time to quit smoke. Doctor also told me to clean inside my car because it can affect to my wife’s pregnancy. With one eyebrow up I said, “Yes, of course, alright”. And after that what’s on my mind is, I was curious the doctor also checking every car which parked in front of hospital. Or he has some weird behavior with car? 

The interesting moment happened when I leave the doctor’s room after some bored check up to my wife. I saw some couples sit on waiting room and occasionally face of the husband looks so nervous and curious. And I said, “Aha, that’s was me few months ago” (Devil laugh). And then I approach to a couple, with my wise face I said to the husband “Good Luck”. 

Become a husband, you need to know and has some knowledge about women’s health. One of the information that you should know is about pregnant symptoms. So you don’t need to curious and nervous when your wife feels some weird feeling on their body. Especially for young couples I hope.
So if your wife told you that she feels some weird symptoms to you, with sure face you can ask to her, are you pregnant? 

Pregnant symptoms can be detected early. But the best methods to make it sure is did some pregnancy test. For fellow husband I will give you pregnant symptoms 1 week to decide and detected every pregnancy signs of your wife. It will help you to detect much early 1 week pregnant symptoms after your wife feel pregnancy signs.
Queasiness but without vomiting while pregnant
Cramping while menstruation

Pain breast or Nipples

One of pregnant symptoms that physically affect your wife is the changing on her breast. Breast or nipples will feel heavier, pain or tenderness if she touched it. On the first two weeks after pregnancy, breast will be bigger to prepare milk production. The main cause of this pregnant symptoms is the rise of estrogen and progesterone. It can be detected clearly especially if this is her first pregnancy

Over Fatigue During Pregnancy
Most of women feel so tired during pregnancy stage especially on starting phase. Maybe it’s a natural ways to make mother spend more time to sleep and take a rest. On the 1 week pregnant, their body will work so hard and pump all hormones. Providing more blood which full with nutrition for the baby. This process makes mother feels so tired. Another cause, over concerns for her baby will drain her energy and makes they feel so tired and it ableto cause insomnia.

Blood spots or abdominal pain
Some of women have blood spot while pregnant for around 10 to 14 spots after pregnant signs. Knowing as bleeding because implantation. A lot of women also have cramping in early pregnancy when the uterus begins to enlarge. This pain is exactly like the pain during menstruation.

accurate pregnancy test pack
Pregnancy test
Queasiness but without vomiting
Queasiness in the morning I a classic signs of pregnancy. Most of people said that Queasiness in the morning is an exact pregnant symptoms .Although nausea and vomiting during pregnancy popular as morning sick but this sign can be happen anytime.  Pregnant women also become sensitive with smell especially from sharp smell which can make them feels so nausea. 

Basal body temperature increases significant
Basal body temperature is temperature which taken orally when she get up in the morning. This temperature will be increases while ovulation stages. If you often noted your basal temperature to decide the time to do ovulation you can see that the rise of your temperature will increase day by day.
So is it helps you to detect the pregnancy of your wife early? 

But in fact, all the pregnant symptoms above are not only to detect pregnancy. . There are some pregnancy symptoms that help you to indicate that you are sick or will start menstruating. While on the other hand, may be you are pregnant without feels any signs above. But the best steps if you feels and experienced one of the symptoms above you better do some pregnant test at your house. Do not forget to keep your wife while during pregnancy.

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