Hello World!! This is me and You Must Read this If You are The Husband Of Pregnant Women

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It is Sunday late night and what happened with me on this beautiful day off? I trapped on a jam on the way home from grocery. My wife called me for maybe a hundred times asking why I didn’t hit the house soon. I was so hungry in the middle of road with shoulder full of pain after wait on line so long at the store. My car full with things which my wife wants, everything that she order before I went to grocery. And this is me, in front of computer writing for you all about my happy day. And my wife behind me fall asleep while her cell phones still on her hand. Maybe she is too tired after hitting the call button. 

I don’t know what happen to her but what I’m listen since morning are, “Honey I think the hedge is too tall?” She never said that before. Not in the morning. “Honey why you always look to monitor while you see I sweep this floor?” “Honey why don’t you do shower more early than before?” And what she said after that, “I think the fridge is empty, honey why you don’t go to the grocery and bought me some snack?” Oh God why??!!  She never likes this before. At the times I feel so annoyed with her attitude. And what happen to me then?? . . . . . . Ok, I’m alright.

Alright Honey
But suddenly I was realize that she on pregnant. I also realize that being pregnant is not easy. But hey!! Become a husband is not easy too. So on this time I would share you about, what should husband do to save their life and their soul while their wife prepare pregnancy or in the pregnancy period.
After look around on google, I got some advice and tips which may useful for all dad and husband around the world.

As a couple, the biggest happiness may not only about money, house, vacations or something else. If we have everything such as money, big house, exclusive car but we don’t have a child I think the presence of anything above in your life is not complete. Always do the best for get pregnant and talk to your husband about preparing for pregnancy. Meet the doctor or health consultant to find the best time for pregnancy planning.

After you try and try to getting pregnant, it’s the time for days to get pregnant.
Pregnancy time for every woman is a precious time on their life. The growth, body shape changing and hormones increase while woman pregnant makes mother become fragile to be stress. And its not a good and healthy condition right? So on this period the husband’s role is important to keep and care the mother to get healthy pregnancy.

What husbands do in the middle of “battle for pregnancy”?
Kiss Her Pregnant Belly
1.       Give more attention to your wife. When get pregnant wife need more attention and affection from husband. Kiss her pregnant belly to give comfortable felling and safety.
2.       Always be “prepared” husband. You should ready every time to meet her need or go to check up their pregnant condition. I think reduce your work time in the office is a good steps so you have extra energy while on the house.
3.       If you smoke then subtract your smoking.
4.       Help her to do some daily homework such as wash the plate, sweep the floor or even wash her cloth.
5.       Always share what you want to do after the baby born. It will make your wife feel so special if she knows that you care with her pregnancy time.
All advice and tips about is the main strategy for all husband to be beloved husband while she pregnant. Always try to do all tips above to save your life before everything become chaos. J So, this Sunday right? Tomorrow is Monday and I have a lot of thing to do than before. I got new jobs not only in the office but also on home. I think I will practice all tips above.
Last but not least. Hello World!!! This is me!! It’s Sunday and tomorrow I’ll do my best for her pregnancy!!!!

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