Hello World, Wake Up!! A lot of Pregnant Teenagers Outside and We Should Help Them To Avoid Abortion

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Without a look or glance to the rape case amount on young girls, pregnant teenagers are always related to the behavior and environment around teenagers. Today, we often hear that a lot of cases related with pregnant teenagers are caused by free sexual behavior which happened on college or high school.

Pregnant Teen Test
Pregnant teenager case is ever illustrated by a TV show in US with title “Pregnant Pact”. Some of the reason why teenager choose to become pregnant describe with real story from real source on Teenage Pact. Some example that they tell on this movie is teenage choose to become pregnant to not lose the guy that she love. In this film the main character choose to have sex with her boyfriend to make sure he didn’t go away from her. Although her boyfriend said they would be together forever, the main character is too afraid abandoned her. Sometimes, some nonsense reason is become main cause why pregnant teenagers choose this way and sacrifice their future life. This reason ever used by a pregnant ten year old in the United States to conceive that her boyfriend does not transfer to another school.

In 2000 a study and survey which held in USA showed how badly our teenagers today. By taking 127 responders from a college in United States, revealed that while courting most responders have done that leads to sexual behavior. 48% of respondents said they were not just kissing or hugging but also touched others sensitive area, petting and surprisingly 20% of respondents are already had sex.But, because the responders are limited the survey couldn’t be reflection to describe how worst teenager in United States today. Ad there is no doubt the fact that happened in real life may be worse.

Help Pregnant Teenagers
Furthermore, worse, sex among teenagers which cause pregnant teenagers is not done safely such as using contraception (of 27 respondents who answered had sexual intercourse, 16 people or 61.5% of them said not to use contraception). The reason given was because contraception tools did not make them satisfy and make sex less comfortable, even one answered due to lack of preparation.

The next question give to the responders, what to do in case of pregnancy?

11 responders said they would continue the pregnancy while 8 responders said they would abortion.

Many reasons cause the survey result and not all of the reason pure caused by teenagers it self. On this case couples and their parent hold important role to avoid and against abortion. Most of parents push their daughter to do abortion to avoid disgrace for family and to keep their daughter’s future. . It also can not be separated from the fact that in social life, how people behave towards a pregnant teenager also do important role.

So how about pregnant teenagers rights between their social life? 

According to polling in US about pregnant teenagers rights, most of responder from various school and college said that they will be suspended, kick from the school or even transferred. There is no good choice and right for pregnant teenager I think.

How to find the right pregnant teenagers help?

A lot of people keep their strong opinion related with abortion until there are two block of peoples which defending any life and another block which said abortion or not depending on pregnant teenagers choice. On the other hand, we should realize every step and ways that we choose, everything also bring consequences in the future.

Teen Single Parent
Abortion is not the only way to solve and help pregnant teenagers. Gathering and send teen pregnant to a shelter and wait until the baby born and give it to other parent who want adopted them is also become solutions.

Become single parent? Is not easy to be single parent and we should know this choice will drain every energy , pressure and patient. Find the good person who stand by you may help to finished until the baby born, grow and become a man.

Well my friends, it was so heavy right? the consequences of unsafe sexual behavior? We will be faced with tough choices and not easy to implement. As the guy, we should have a sense of responsibility. If your couple pregnant it is because we can not manage our sexual drive, we also have to bear the consequences. We're not willing to bear the title of a coward to run away from responsibility anyway? Meanwhile, for the parents, the thing which you always should care is how to prepare and provide accurate information about sexuality and provide supplies for teens to have  healthy sexual behavior.

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