Hello World!! Hello Adventure!! Hello Super Power Mother Around The World

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is not me, but its look like me today
Hi everybody, my name Adnan and i was the husband of a super power woman which give another Adnan jr. And now, my super woman is pregnant for my second sons, i hope she bring me a son. But its not a problem for me. As my inspiration, my wife always need much spirit especially from me while on her pregnancy. Its make me inspired to makes this blog. Become a husband from a pregnant wife is not an easy ways. It just likes two sides of coins. On the other hand im very glad and very excited with the presence of my chile, but on the other side, the biggest paranoia inside my mind always make me tired. Preparing all of the thing for her pregnancy while im fight with some paranoia mind.

So in my blog i will help every husband and every pregnant woman to find any information they needed. i will provide important tips, information and advice for all husband until they become dad. All information, articles and post will provide anyting that you should know about pregnancy, your wife, the baby care, pregnant symptoms and everyting about pregnant care.

Dont  be shy to leave your comment or even ask a silly and stupid question that make your paranoia bigger and bigger such as pregnant teenagers or gender prediction for your baby. I also do that when im face with my first time become a dad. Just ask and i'll try to help you find the answer even it's only a link that will brings you all to the answer. 

On my last first time become a Dad, google is my consultant. But sometimes when i try to find  the answer of my question, google also bring me to the deeper paranoia. Is google try to make me frustated? haha but i think they were not. Is it happens to you? looking for every information, all the answer on google and what you find is yo become much scared, much affraid and frustated with it? Im already cross that stage.

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