18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms so you can Care of your Pregnancy

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women 18 weeks pregnantIn this pregnancy month fetus begin to recognize with the environment around them. Fetus also began to feel various sensations. Eyebrow and fine hair on the scalp began growth but only temporary. Two weeks after the baby is born this hair will fall out. What you should know baby I relative calm during the day, but they become more active in the night. In women 18 weeks pregnant the baby’s size is around 25cm of length.

18 weeks pregnant symptoms and growth of the baby

Now your baby can hear the sounds from outside your body. The baby will move or jump when a loud sound exist. Fetus can contract and relax to move. The Baby can kick, punch and move more actively than ever before. Women 18 weeks pregnant, you will feel the movement rotation for the first time.

The Weight of your babies usually is about excess of 150 grams at week 18 of pregnancy. The uterus can be felt just below the navel and the size is same as a watermelon. Uterine growth will further change the balance of pregnant woman's body. While the increased mobility of the joints affecting maternal posture and in some cases can lead to back pain.

Your complaint will grow up when your weight is also up. To overcome this habit to lay to the left and avoid prolonged standing or lifting heavy loads. Break your lake as much as you can

In week 18 of pregnant the relationship between the mother and baby will be closely intertwined. When mom happy, sad or hungry the baby will also feel the same thing and
18 weeks pregnant weight gain.
 18 weeks pregnant weight gain



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