Is it Good and Safe to getting Pregnant 40 Years Old?

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Most experts would say there's no one right time to start a family. But there are both advantages and disadvantages to giving birth at different ages. In your late 40 year old and pregnant you may be more established financially but have a tougher time getting and staying pregnant and, afterward, keeping up with an active baby and toddler.

Simple biological fact related with pregnant at 40 years old: The older woman gets pregnant, more her maternity and fertility declines. It will affect all factor related with 40 years old pregnancy chance.

Dr Downes said the success rate and the chance is only between 20 or 25% maximum only. Depend on why they struggling to get their pregnancy.

40 years old pregnant for the first time - having first baby at 40 open the chance the mother experience “Oldman primigravida as noted by most doctors. Having first baby at your 40 also increase the change to get some complications listed below:

§  Pre-eclampsia: The symptoms followed by high blood pressure and headaches while pregnant. Need some blood pressure lowering drugs and early medial treatment.
§  Intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR): IUGR will affect the baby health. Unhealthy placenta and fetus will make the baby is not grow to the size that we expected. It happens mostly to the 40 years old pregnant who smoking. Smoking will increase the risk of IUGR and Pre-eclampsia experience.
§  Maternity intervention: the older the age of a woman when a woman is pregnant will increase the chances of a cesarean section. A study revealed that getting pregnant 40 years old 14 time more likely to have caesarean birth than the woman under 30 years old.
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The factor that affected when pregnant at 40 years old.

The Body
Good news for 40 years old pregnant mother who get pregnant without any support or help from fertility technology or drugs tend to live much longer than other mother which helped with therapy or drugs. 40 years old and pregnant facts estrogen hormones affect heart, brains, bones and other important organs inside the body. The healthy pregnancy at 40 years old depend on some factors such us fitness levels, healthy behavior and your environment.

Minimize every risk by keep your weight during pregnancy at 40. Keep active on your daily exercise such yoga for pregnancy, kegel etc.

The Emotion
At 40 years old the benefits, you have mature emotion and a lot of experience to raising your baby. Your patient will be much better than 20 years old. The most problem from mother who pregnant at 40 year old, “I’ll be so old when my baby got married”

Risk and Change for The baby
One third all pregnancies cases related with woman over 40 year olds end up with miscarriage. There reasons, defective eggs, uterine not big enough, blood supply not be rich enough to support the pregnancy.
After read all of the fact, risk, doctor’s opinion and biological theory above. What you got?  Useful knowledge or much fear? Don’t be so scared about your pregnancy. Keep your body and mind healthy, eat healthy food, periodic control and do good habit for your life and your baby is the main key. Beside that I also have some advice to maximize the change on your pregnancy at 40 years old below.
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§  Plan Everything: Research discovered that consume folic acid in the 3 first month of your pregnancy will reduce the risk of spina bifida experience to your baby.
§  Quit Smoking: Many research showing if smoking always increases the blood pressure. Smoking also opens the big chance your baby born with asthma. Quit smoking, for you, your baby and every people around you.
§  Control Your Weight: 40 years old women with over weight will likely experience spontaneously ovulation. Do exercise, light diet and lose your weight for better pregnancy.
§  Keep Calm: Sound so clear, regularly ovulation happen mostly with women who not desperate. Be aware with every risk, but don’t scared or being controlled with your fear about pregnancy.
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