The Reason Why Prenatal Check Up is Very Important before Labor

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 9 months or 36 weeks of incredible pregnancy time on your life but sometimes you forget the basic preparation before labor, prenatal check up.

Become a mother is the matter of proud and happy feeling at the same time. Woman has a big role on the family, start from pregnancy, take care for the baby, manage the health of family or even help their family to get some money. Looking at her big role it is so important to concern with her health.

Woman will experience various phase on their life where physical change will affect their physiological. If they don’t get enough care, the change will trigger any health problems. A medical health care from Indonesia, Prodia show their awareness related with this problem by provide special service to check the mother’s health and they also offer prenatal check up for pregnant woman. As the result mother will get through their phase with comfortable and avoid health problem.

Pregnancy period is the special phase for every woman around the world. At this phase mother should maintain their health and take care of her baby until the baby born with healthy condition. Pregnant woman also need to take their attention for every food they eat and regularly visit the doctor to check their pregnancy condition. Prenatal check up before labor which know as laboratory test by continuous monitoring is also important especially for the mother who already have a health problem before pregnancy.
Prenatal check up before labor Is a preventive action to determiner every risk which appear during pregnancy. Health problem such as disease, rhesus incompatibility, gestational diabetes, and infectious diseases will be early detected before it interfere the baby’s development. Prenatal check up during pregnancy also have purpose to improve the life quality for pregnant woman and find the best care plans during pregnancy to labor.
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 The recommended time to do prenatal check up for pregnant woman is on the early pregnancy or first trimester (0-12 weeks). Because every woman had different health condition during pregnancy, better talk to your doctor to get suitable time and right instruction before you decide to do a prenatal check up during pregnancy.

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