Pregnant Teen Today, We can’t just Blame to Them

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Pregnant Teen Feeding her baby
A lot of negative effects will be experienced by adolescents of teen pregnancy include physical illnesses such as anemia, obstructed labor due to pelvic bone is not perfect, preterm labor, fetal death in utero, low birth weight, and so on.

In social terms pregnant teen will fail to enjoy their teenage adolescence and they will also receive a negative attitude or expressions from their environment because it was considered as a shameful condition. As a result it may lead to rejection of adolescent attitudes towards the baby. Teen pregnancy also causes variety of psychosocial consequences such as dropping out of school, low self-esteem, early marriage and early divorce.

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Teen pregnant and abortion
 Abortion brings many psychosocial consequences such as excessive guilt, threat of criminal penalties and sanctions from peoples around teen pregnant or their communities. Sexual transmitted diseases disorders and psychosocial stress in the information arising from adolescent sex before marriage.
To avoid teen pregnancy what we should do is give the teenager a sufficient stock of knowledge, both science and religion mainly social science of religion, because it was instrumental in shaping adolescent attitudes.

How to handle it
Don’t ever to do sex before marriage, no matter what the situation or what the reason. Doing positive activities, avoid actions that encourage negative behaviors such as sex. Do not get stuck on the sweet nothings of the opposite sex, avoid going with strangers, get closer to your family, follow some counseling include Teens Reproductive Health. Thus, teenage pregnancy can be reduced.

If you have different opinion or your own campaign to reduce teen pregnancy, share here or join on our campaign. To join the campaign visit this site.

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Couples in teenage pregnancy

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Yes, I would like to blame the internet, TV, and other media.