Be careful With Your Severe Morning Sickness, It May Caused Preterm Labor for Your Baby

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severe vomitting cause preterm labor
For some mothers, morning sickness may become indicators of their serious pregnancy condition in the future, including preterm labor. Mother who got severe nausea during their pregnancy should do some extra care for their health.

According to a study showed that more than 23 percent of pregnant woman who got severe nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) on their early pregnancy have bigger chance to experience preterm birth because their morning sickness. This condition may disturb your baby’s health to develop normally and as a result they will come before 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Beside the fact above, more than 31 percent of pregnant woman have the bigger chance for high blood pressure during their pregnancy or even pre-elampsia than the pregnant woman who experience normal morning sickness which not affect their life.

Pregnant woman who disturbed with severe morning sickness which can affect their preterm labor also have wider chance to have low weight gain during pregnancy. The condition may affect the baby’s weight. Previous study showed that over weight gain during pregnancy is related with preterm labor and baby’s low weight. But on the other side low body weight during pregnancy and severe morning sickness also have same risk level for preterm birth.

vomitting and preterm birth
Unfortunately, only a small amount of pregnant woman who get severe nausea and vomiting for few weeks of pregnancy. If you experience kind of this morning sickness, consult with your doctor top get the best solutions.

Although there’s no drugs for morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy that approve by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are some therapies which use extra supplement and nutrition above the expert monitored.

severe nausea and premature birth
Change your eat systems and menus, it also help you to reduce the nausea and morning sickness which can affect preterm labor. The conclusion is severe morning sickness and preterm births are close to affect each other.

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