Force your Baby to Born On the Lucky Date in 2012? It’s Not Wise Decision

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baby and birth on pretty date

So many peoples around the world believe that 12 December 2012 is a good and pretty date of this year. And the date affect a lot of mothers who were pregnant choose the date for their baby’s birth.
In India especially, many mothers on this country lining up at the hospital to get treatment so their baby can be born on the pretty date. Moreover they realize that this is the last chance to get pretty date for their labor in this century. 

This phenomenon is similar with previous year when the date showed 11 November 2011. At the date, more than 70 babies were born in Bangalore India. 
luck date pretty date for labor

A medical expert in India explained that it’s allowed if there any mother who reach the safe time to give a birth and they decide to delay it with their own reason. If they decide to get labor on the certain date they need to grant it as long there’s no risk for they baby it self.

But not all everyone or medical profession agrees with this decision. The doctor in India Hospital claimed that they will not grant If there any mother who take the risk for the baby to give birth on a pretty date.
Peoples believed that 12 December 2012 bring a lot of luck for their baby because if we count total of every numbers the result is number 9 which believed as lucky number. What about opinion from expert astrologer?

It was really stupid to labor in the certain date which expected to be lucky date. It’s only over publicity purpose which made up by numerologist. 
baby born on certain date

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