Basic Knowledges For Mother, Important Phrases of Pregnancy

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Every married couple always would to have a baby. One of the most steps that they should face is pregnancy. Pregnancy in medical knowledge know as a time when woman carrying an embryo inside their womb. Usually it will take 40 weeks from the first day of pregnancy or their latest menstrual period. And in the other medical world we know that there are 3 phrases of pregnancy.

First trimester of pregnancy (on the other words, first 3 months of your pregnancy)
 In the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus inside mother’s wombs is still on very weak condition. On first trimester, the fetus becomes so fragile so that on this phrase there is wide chance for miscarriage during first trimester o pregnancy. As a result mother should keep their health, care of her condition to protect their baby. In first 3 months of pregnancy mother will experience some physical change on her body. What we need to remember, fetus or baby inside the womb will growing well or not is depend on nutrient that consumed by mother. For the mother who in first trimester, beside you need keep on your physical condition you also need take your attention to the food that you eat. Eat with menu which contains high nutrition so your baby will get enough nutrition for their development.
If the mother’s weight before their pregnancy is still on the limit soon their first trimester of pregnancy the mother need additional calories for about 2200 each day. On this first 3 months of pregnancy or 11 weeks of pregnancy every organ that developed the fetus is start to form and function.

 Second Trimester of pregnancy (second 3 months of pregnancy)
In the second trimester of pregnancy physical change will be much seen marked by maternal weight gain during pregnancy, breast become larger and on this phrase or in second trimester of pregnancy mother’s digestion will experience some disturbing symptoms as the effect of hormone progesterone which make relaxation in the womb. If the mother experience morning sickness during first trimester, on second trimester morning sickness is not appear. On this phrase the fetus development show some progress. Fetus will give a response to any stimulation from outside. Normally, baby’s weight is for about 1 kilogram. On second trimester baby’s physical development such as ear, nose, fingers are begin to form even not perfect. If mother would do a USG test they can see that their baby is perfectly forms with every organ.
pregnancy physical change,pregnancy tips trimester
Mother's pregnant second trimester

Third Trimester of Pregnancy (3 third month of pregnancy)
 This is the last phrase and on this stage the baby development will approaching their completion. The baby started to move inside mother’s belly. But the baby’s movement will be decrease on 32 weeks of pregnancy because it almost fills the entire space of mother’s wombs. The baby become bigger and larger and the mother could feel fetal movement. Baby will grows rapidly, doubled if we compare with first trimester and second trimester of pregnancy. Thing to do for third trimester, do some exercise to keep your body fit. At this stage it’s recommended to talk with your doctor frequently because no longer then you will give a birth to your baby.

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