Sex During Pregnancy 38 Weeks Affect Labor Time?

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sex durin pregnancy risk
Many couples hold their feels to have sex when their wife was pregnant. This happens because a myth spread between peoples around the world which said that sex will triggers the preterm labor.
 A lot of mothers believe about this myth and to make them sure some expert medical profession try to prove it with their biological fact related with this topic.

One of the fact, sperm contains prostaglandin. Prostaglandin known come in synthetic from to trigger any the labor. In addition, stimulation to the breast also triggered the chance of early labor. Another fact also claimed that orgasm will let a contraction on the uterus.

This fact become much stronger because the presence of old perception which said hat have sex while pregnant is not a healthy activity for moms and baby because it can let the possibility of miscarriage.
As reported from study in Singapore, there’s no difference labor between pregnant woman who have sex while pregnant or not.

More than 1,100 pregnant women who become participants in this study suggest to not doing sex for 6 weeks before 40 weeks of their pregnant. Half of the participants suggest to done routine sex to speed up their labor. The result, more than half participants said that sex is not affects their labor time. as expected before

Even the participants in the first group reported more frequent sex three times in the final weeks before childbirth, while the second group only two times more often.

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