Hidden Important Vitamin and Supplement for Pregnant Woman

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Do you feel your diet program during pregnancy is good enough?? Good, keep that thing. But even you already do that there’s no closed possibility your doctor will suggest you to consume some additional supplement and vitamins. By consuming additional nutrition and vitamins pregnancy with suitable portion you will get more advantages to meet the need of your nutrition and vitamins during pregnancy.

So, what important vitamins while pregnant which can you consumed during your precious period?

Vitamin A During Early Pregnancy

Vitamins A, one of the pregnancy vitamins needed when you struggle to get all the important nutrition. Food which contains vitamins A such as mango, tomato and red chili will give you good Vitamins A. The benefits of vitamin A during pregnancy to improve mother’s immunity, avoid hair loss, strengthen your nail and your skin.

But what you need to know behind vitamins A there are some disadvantages. So what you should do is pay your attention to the food that you consume and make you’re the portion is not break the rules.

Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Folic acid help to reduce the chance your baby birth defects. You can found some food on the groceries which contain folic acid such as broccoli, cabbage, beans, and citrus. Consume this nutrition from early pregnancy to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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 Iron and Vitamins C While Pregnant

Iron is an important nutrition for pregnant woman because it helps the mother to bring additional oxygen and red blood cells which very important for the development of your baby’s brain.

Lack of iron will open the chance of anemia to the mother. Vitamin C for pregnancy also become important since it was revealed that vitamins C improve the ability of iron’s absorption during pregnant.

Quick List of Most Important Nutrients and Pregnancy Vitamins:

·         Vitamins B1: An important vitamins for pregnancy because it help your digestion, maintain your stomach’s health, and prepare your milk production.
·         Vitamins B2: The benefit, to avoid eyes and skin disorders. Vitamins B2 during pregnancy also improve the development of your baby. Very important vitamins especially in the early weeks of pregnancy.
·         Vitamin B3: Reduce morning sickness pain, prevent and avoid bleeding on your gums.
·         Vitamin B5: Maintain your red blood cell to prevent anemia or lack of blood.
·         Vitamin B6: Improve mother’s immunity and help your digest process.
·         Vitamin B 12: When you get pregnant, stay close to vitamin B12 because it will help you to produce many red blood cells.
·         vitamins during first pregnancy: Just consume this vitamin. It help you to treat any detoxifying and infection
·          Vitamin D: Vitamin D important when you are pregnant because it boost your calcium absorption inside the body to strengthen your bones.

What you need to consider before, always talk and consult with your doctor before you consume one of them because even you know that the vitamin are good for you, doctor always know your condition better. Suitable levels and portion are important thing that you must consider before because some of the vitamins above can be dangerous if you over consume it. Too much consume supplement and vitamins also increase the risk of undeveloped brain to your baby or even worse, sudden miscarriage.

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