Extra Care Tips For Obese Pregnancy

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Women when they were getting pregnant when overweight become more fragile to any risk and complications. So because these issue pregnant women with obese pregnancy should be spend much care for their pregnancy with the help of medical experts.

Mother with obese pregnancy must be more discipline with what and when they eat or if it necessary they can consult to the nutritionist to get the best diet programs during their obese pregnancy. It was revealed since many years ago, obese in the pregnant woman may open wider chance for risks of being obese and pregnant. Overweight during pregnancy will be a dangerous situation for moms and the baby. Too much weight gain during pregnancy will increase the risk of premature labor and baby birth with overweight. If before getting pregnant the mother is already overweight, try to only add 7 up to 11 kg of weight compare with mother’s weight before pregnant. But behind all of the risk and method to avoid this situation during obesity pregnancy, what mothers should be care is women who already obese before pregnancy shouldn’t follow tight diet program because it will reduce their nutrition needs which can be dangerous for the baby. The tips, avoid snack or food which have too much calories such replace fried snack with fruits.

Daily monitoring to the obesity pregnant, prenatal check and additional checking to keep the mother’s and baby safety. Overweight during pregnancy  is a pregnancy with high risk and it will trigger other complications such diabetes, high blood pressure during pregnancy, and eclampsia. Diabetes during pregnancy will affect the baby’s health and their development. Baby that born from obesity mother who have diabetes is more fragile to neutral tube damage.
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Caesarean birth for obese pregnancy is a modern issue around us today. 3 mother from 10 mothers need caesarean and induction birth help to avoid and complications. Obesity during pregnancy is an uncomfortable condition for many mothers. If it become so annoying until disturb your daily activity, talk to your doctor.
Obesity pregnant needed more attention than normal pregnancy. So don’t be lazy to visit your doctor for the health of your baby and your own safety.
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