What You Should Know About Lower Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy, Prevent it Moms!!!!!!

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Abdominal pain during pregnant question from my readers:

"Hello adnan"

"I want to ask something related to abdominal pain during pregnancy. I entered the 6th week pregnant and I was about to do a routine check next month for an ultrasound test. My problem is almost 1 week lately my lower abdominal pain while pregnant. It feels like something is torn and very painful especially in the bottom of my stomach. Is it reasonable for pregnant women to experience pregnant lower abdominal pain? I was a little afraid of what I feel. Help me find the answer or some information for my problem."


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I received question above this afternoon when i checked my inbox. So according to the question above i will share something that maybe useful for you Sheza and for all pregnant woman around the world who become afraid because they also experience this abdominal pain.
Most of pregnant woman have some complaints during their pregnancy included abdominal pain during pregnancy. Abdominal pain is common symptoms during pregnancy and usually happens in early pregnancy or even few days before maternity. There some factors which affect factors Lower Abdominal Pain when pregnant. Recognize the symptoms and the cause so you will be able to find out a solution to alleviate pain and treat it.
Lower and upper abdominal pain when pregnant is normal and I would not harmful for the mother and baby. In early days of pregnancy abdominal pain that happen felt almost the same as the period before menstruation, little stiff, sore and heavy. The increases of hormones progesterone and relaxin become the main cause of lower stomach pain when pregnant, ask the result of bone around the uterus stretch and cause the pain.
When pregnancy is growing, lower abdominal pain is still possible even the pain will increase. This is because the ligament where the baby’s hang increasingly stretched and interested. In addition, lower stomach pain might also caused by the pressure of the growing uterus on the bladder. Stomach pain often accompanied by complaints pee feels, pain felt on the back, or even contraction. When the baby is getting bigger, lower abdominal pain may also occur due to kick and header until the contractions, but not dangerous.

Lower abdominal pain which unusual and harmful for mother and the baby.

One example of the Lower AbdominalPain that is not normal and harmless is abdominal pain that is felt on one side of the abdomen in cases of ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy outside the uterus. Symptoms of pain accompanied by bleeding or spotting, pain during sex, or abdominal pain also spreads to the same side shoulder.Lower Abdominal Pain usually occurs at the biological age of 1-3 months because the embryos are growing in line tube.

One of the examples for harmful stomach pain during pregnancy is abdominal pain that felt on the one side of abdomen in cases of ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy outside the uterus. Sign of this pain signed by bleeding or spotting, pain during sex, or even abdominal pain also spreads to the same side of your shoulder.

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 Another dangerous stomach pain when pregnant is cramps that feel like period for a few hours. Usually this pain is the sign of miscarriage. The pain followed with bleeding and regular strong contractions and pain. Even the fetus could not be saved, immediately contact your doctor to receive medical treatment.
Meanwhile, if you feel your lower stomach pain in late of your pregnancy and it happens again and again even you have take a rest maybe your placenta is detached from the uterine wall. Immediately call your doctor to deal with this lower abdominal pain.

That’s all information about abdominal pain during pregnancy which can be useful for all pregnant mothers especially for Sheza who completely experience the pain. If you have experience or story or maybe important information for other woman related with this topic, share here so other pregnant woman able to prevent any risk of their pregnancy.

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what is physical therapy said...

Very interesting article! I found much great info about abdominal pain. Yes many women have the pain during pregnancy and they can’t do their any work easily due to it.

james mathew said...

If you have a mild, and short duration pains, then it's ok. It happens during the normal pregnancies, but if you have a continues long time pain then it's a matter of serious concern regarding your pregnancy. I suggest to consult your doctor or the board certified physician to properly diagnose for any unwanted conditions at this time.
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TheMed Guru said...

Abdominal pain has many causes to generate,Gas/constipation but during pregnancy it may be different issue or may include the general Causes of stomach disorder

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Health Secrets said...

many women have Abdominal pain during pregnancy and it also cause Belly Button pain