6 Things to Avoid During Your Pregnancy Plan

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Do you try to plan your pregnancy? Have you ever heard there are some factors which can break your chance to get pregnant during your pregnancy plans. So, for you pregnancy plan I think you should avoid all of the things that I listed below to keep your effort to get pregnant.

1.       Lubricants Product
If you need a lubricants before make love during you pregnancy plans you should avoid artificial lubricants. And if you really need it use warm water for a safe lubricant. A study revealed that artificial lubricants can kill the sperm from your couple.

2.       Various Drugs medicine
When you’re on a program planning to getting pregnant you should stop any medical treatment. Some of conceive helper suggest you to stop it because it can trigger various health program during pregnancy plans.
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Vitamins during pregnancy planning

3.       Large quantities of caffeine
Various study around the world found the relation between caffeine and ability from woman to get pregnant. One the top study showed that the woman who consumes 300 mg of caffeine each day will have 27% less of chance to getting pregnant compared with woman who doesn’t consume caffeine. But on the other part of science they proofs that caffeine is not affect pregnant fertilize.

For the safety if you’re on a program for pregnancy plans, reduce your caffeine daily consume. After you get pregnant you also need to reduce it larger than before because we all know caffeine is not good for infants and your pregnancy. Maybe you ever read about fatigue when pregnant? It can be cure by reduce caffeine consumed. Also remember caffeine is not only contains in coffee but also in soft drinks, tea candy and many others.

4.       Mercury inside the fish
As we all know fish is the main source of Omega 3 which very useful baby’s development. Fish also contains various proteins, vitamin and many healthy materials for the health of your pregnancy and baby’s development in the future. But what you need to know about fish, some of the fish contains mercury which harmful for you baby especially if you are planning your pregnancy. Mercury will affect baby’s brain and their body systems.

To avoid mercury in fish you must reduce the quantities of fish that you consume. You also should avoid tuna for your dinner. To increase omega 3 you can eat eggs, milk, soy bean, bread or fish oil which can be another option.

5.       Alcohol during pregnancy plans
When preparing your pregnancy avoid any drink that contains alcohol. The alcohol becomes the most reason for miscarriage today. So if you are planning a pregnancy, stop the consumption of alcohol.
6.       Smoking
Smoking will reduce the chance to get pregnancy during your pregnancy planning program. When your husband smoking around you, ask him to stop his habit. Smoking also can reduce the quality of sperm inside men.

If you have another tips and advice for moms who try to get pregnant share here. We can share our experience and help the other to made up their dream to have baby. 

2 Responses to "6 Things to Avoid During Your Pregnancy Plan"

KC @ genxfinance said...

Had to give up coke and coffee for 9 months. urgh! withdrawal was terrible.

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